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Black Jack Fire Protection District firefighter in front of a fire protection vehicles utilized in fire emergencies in the Black Jack District area

About the Fire District Board of Directors

Fire districts operate under the oversight of an elected Board of Directors. The Board is made up of District residents. Board members are elected by residents within the District, and each Board member serves a six-year term.


The Board oversees the financial aspects of the District. Any new expenditures for the District must receive approval from the Board. Members also handle the appointment of Fire Chiefs and other leadership positions within the District. 


Board of Director meetings are held each week (on Tuesday). Minutes from the meeting are available to the public to ensure full transparency in accordance with Missouri’s Sunshine Law. In addition, all District expenditures approved by the Board are public records.

About the Board of Directors Members

The BJFPD Board is comprised of three board members who meet every Tuesday. David Calhoun serves as the president of the Black Jack Fire Protection District Board of Directors, Orlanda Smith is the secretary for the Board, and Kenneth Givens is the treasurer. Meet the members of the District’s Board, and access meeting minutes and yearly fiscal reports.

David Calhoun

Board of Directors President

Placeholder Portrait
Orlanda Smith

Board of Directors Secretary

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Kenneth Givens

Board of Directors Treasurer

Placeholder Portrait
Black Jack Fire Protection District vehicle with extended ladder preparing their fire safety equipment in  preparation for fire emergencies in the Black Jack Missouri area.

Public Meeting Agendas

June 4 2024
7 May 2024
27 February 2024
21 May 2024
19 March 2024
20 February 2024
14 May 2024
5 March 2024
20 November 2023
Fiscal Budgets

(Coming Soon!)

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